Monday, April 5, 2010

Change Of Heart

To use the word "hate" for my feelings toward Juicy Couture would not be strong enough.

Why do I hate Juicy Couture? Hrm...let's see...there is a subset of folks in the U.S. (and perhaps abroad?) that think it is OK to wear a Juicy Couture sweat suit as clothing. Think of Snooki from the Jersey Shore. She marches out on Saturday afternoon, in her way too bright pastel Juicy sweats, complete with full make up, a tan that makes her look like an oompla loompa, a ton of jewelry and an outrageous fake Gucci bag (remember folks, its Saturday morning.)

This is NOT fashionable. It's gross! A SWEAT SUIT SHOULD NEVER BE WORN AS AN OUTFIT! Period! Done! Argh it makes me so angry!

That being said...I cannot help but love this tank top. It's made by Juicy. Part of me died a little bit when I fell in love with it and realized it was Juicy Couture. So I guess now I have to modify my feelings on Juicy Couture...its ok AS LONG AS IT'S NOT SWEATS!

Made By: Juicy Couture

Price: $99.00 (originally $148.00)

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