Friday, April 2, 2010

GUYS BUYS: The Flip Flop King

A guy friend of mine recently told me that he needed flip flops. I initially told him that, for good, quality flip flops with some style, he should go to Vineyard Vines. But then I realized...if this is his ONE pair of flip flops, maybe they shouldn't have lobsters or martini glasses on them.

Armed with a new found vigor, I went on the search. I wanted to find him a flip flop that was versatile, yet totally affordable. Something he could wear into the ground and would still look good in September (he's getting married in the fall, and so now is definitely not the time for him to be spending a bunch of money on summer footwear!)

It was at Old Navy that I found the winner. These are leather. LEATHER!

Let me say it again. LEATHER! And they look COMFY.

Old Navy, the King of flip flops. I should have just gone here in the first place!

Go get'em, flip flopper!

Made By: Old Navy

Price: $19.50

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