Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picnic In Purple

If you don't like purple, stop reading this now, because you're just gonna hate on this dress.

If you LOVE purple, hello! Isn't this dress awesome? It's not hiding out as a dark purple that borders on black. It's also not masquerading as lavendar, which is the *easy* way to wear purple.

This is PURPLE. Can't hide from that, so you better have the skin tones and the hair to rock it! If you do, then great. This is a beautiful casual shirt dress. This makes me want to have a picnic just so that I can host it in this dress.

It also has pockets. POCKETS! Anything with pockets that doesn't make your hips look bigger than they are is like finding gold!

Made By: Delias

Price: $44.50

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