Monday, April 5, 2010

Polka Dot Head Splash

This is really art more than a head piece, but nothing takes you from "everyday stylish" to "so fashionable you are stopping traffic" than a headpiece like this.

It's going to take bravery to wear this, I know. It's big. And exciting! And you're not used to being the center of attention, are you? I's so EASY to sit in the back, blend in with the masses. At some point that has to get tiring right? Will you look back on these years and think "dammit, I should have listened to Fashion Deal Diva and worn a big headpiece with feathers?"


I would suggest wearing this with a classy black dress that hugs your curves and goes below your knee. Make sure it has a short sleeve. Do you see where we are going? We are going to the 40's and 50's! That's the last time women wore headpieces like this! So let's recap: black dress, killer black pumps, a black stud earring, and RED LIPSTICK. Don't forget this fabulous headpiece. Black and white polka dots and a super classy assortment of feathers make this hat the star. What a fabulous look that would be!

Made By: Taissalada. Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $38.00

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