Friday, May 21, 2010

BUDGET BELLE: Band Together!

This isn't going to be a typical beauty post about make-up or hair products or some new way to get a "I just rolled out of bed with amazing Gisele-like hair" look. I don't even know if this would be considered a conventional beauty item. However, I love it, it's made my life easier and I figured I should share it with all of you so you can love it as well.

Backstory: I'm a runner. I love lacing up my running shoes, loading my iPod with a new podcast or playlist and going for a nice long run. I enter races from time to time and it was at a race expo where I found one of my newest favorite items. Bondi Bands. Bondi bands are amazing headbands that wick away sweat and, bonus point, you don't have to keep re-adjusting the headband!! This is huge, people. Trust me, I've tried every "sport" headband on the market and I always have to re-adjust the headband mid-run - strike one. Also, I've noticed that the other brands leave me with this weird bump of hair where the headband was - not the easiest thing to try to fix when you're trying to make it to work on time. Overall, not impressed.

I figured I'd give one of the Bondi bands a try and, lo and behold, the headband stayed on AND it didn't leave behind a weird impression on my hair - i.e., no weird hair bump! I think it's the fact that the Bondi band is a little wider than conventional headbands and doesn't have any of those weird rubber "grip" things that try to adhere to your hair. No having to readjust to keep my hair out of my eyes! No sweaty mess! Win.

I promptly went online and bought multiple headbands in a variety of colors and patterns. They run about $8 each (unless you buy more than 1, in which case you can get them cheaper with a promo code.) They have some with really cute symbols and amusing slogans - a few of my personal faves: "Git-Er-Done" and "Cheaper Than Therapy." Amen to that.

You can purchase Bondi bands online at

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