Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Vera Bradley Duffel

I am headed to Vegas soon, so a lot of today's postings will be travel related! First up: the Vera Bradley Duffel.

I remember when I brought my duffel in the summer of 2006. I purchased it for $88.00 I needed a weekend bag that I could throw clothing into quickly and jet off. At the time, Vera Bradley was ALL the rage. Everyone had one!

The bag looked flimsy, and I questioned how long it would last. Well, four years later, it's still going strong! I love my duffel so much. It wears like iron! Sure it has a few rips here and there, but I have used and abused this bag, and I've never had to get the straps replaced (I am not sure how this is even possible!)

Unfortunately the lovely pattern on my duffel (see above) has been discontinued, but I found this super cute owl themed pattern to be equally charming.

Made By: Vera Bradley

Price: $55.00 (originally $80.00)

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