Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Spiegel...just the other day I was singing your praises! But only to see...this???

Why are those sleeves so big?? WHY!

It's not even close to a regular poofy sleeve. It's some sort of super poof horror. It reminds me of the old-time clown costumes that had giant arm poofs. At least in those costumes the poof made sense! Who is buying this shirt? Women who want their arms to look...bigger? Yeah, cause those women exist.

Now, if you click through, you will see pictures of the model wearing the shirt with the sleeves tucked under. While this is BETTER, it's still not great. And the fact that Spiegel is highlighting this baloon clown way to wear the shirt front and center (instead of this much better tucked int style) makes this "What Were They Thinking" even more necessary.

Shame on you, Spiegel! Please Don't Buy This.

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