Thursday, May 20, 2010

FRUGAL FIANCÉE: Paper Lanterns? Please Do.

I have seen many wonderful wedding photos that feature paper lanterns. The soft glow from the light always seems to "shine" on anyone in the picture and the lanterns make a lovely way to decorate any outdoor space, tent, or barn. [Confession: I really wish I was getting married in a barn.]

Fortunately, decorating with paper lanterns can be very cheap. You can get one just like the lantern feature above from the Paper Lantern Store for $0.80 (not a typo) and pick up one of their multiple-socket cords for around $14.00.

Made By: The Paper Lantern Store
Price: $0.80



  1. really beautiful! definetly going to use this idea..

  2. The readers can also see paper lamps here Just Artifacts