Friday, May 21, 2010

GUEST POST: Sweet, Sturdy (+ Shimmery!) Totebag

I am a firm believer in tote bags. Being a busy city girl (PR goddess, actor, singer, dancer), I need to carry a lot of things around with me all day long.

Turning to the crafty minds at ETSY.COM, my tote bag dreams came true (times 15, at least! Bless that site). I am smitten with peacelovenpolkadots mini carpet bag. The bow keeps a potentially soccer-mom style bag looking sweet and fashionable. The fabric (did I mention this bag is available in A TON OF GORGEOUS FABRICS?!) in this case is elegant and professional enough to make it through the day and into the night. The size is perfection-- big enough for a folder, but not so big I feel like I am carrying luggage. Also: SO STURDY! This bag was made with upholstery fabric! Easy to clean and super strong. Is there a better bag in this world? I am not so sure.

Made by: peacelovenpolkadots on Etsy, Price: $20, BUY IT

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