Friday, September 10, 2010

HALF-OFF HOTTIE: Vested Interest

I frequently look through the pages of different fashion and celebrity magazines to see what people are wearing, and from that I decide what I like, don't like, and become my very own "fashion police" of sorts as I realize what works and what doesn't. (Let's be honest. Some things just do NOT look good. On anyone. Skin-tight leopard, anyone?)

Looking through an article on celebrity airport styles, this look caught my eye:

Doesn't she look gorgeous? I *love* the entire outfit, head to toe. I had everything in my closet to recreate it, except for the vest, so I started shopping around.

Although I do not know where this particular sweater vest comes from, I found a few ranging from frugal to very expensive.

Let's start with the super expensive.

Donna Karan Knitted Cashmere Vest $1,295.00

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A few affordable alternatives....

Gap, Draped Sweater Vest, $44.50

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And an even better bargain:

Old Navy, Women's Linen Blend Open-Front Vest, $22.50

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