Friday, December 3, 2010

COSMETICS CUTIE: Nail Polish Glam!

By Jen

Hello Readers! My name is Jen and I am happy to be joining the Fashion Deal Diva team as the Cosmetics Cutie! I’ll be doing my best to bring you the latest trends in cosmetics from skin care to nail polish. 
On that note, one of my favorite cosmetic products is nail polish! It’s an easy way to change up any look and it's sometimes just what you need to polish (pun intended) off an ensemble.
Given the current Fall/Winter trends, it’s easy to find a look that works for you. Neutrals, jewel tones, metallics and deep purples have been the reigning colors this season, but given that trends in nail polish change every few months based on the season, I hate to go to the drugstore or sephora and overpay for a polish that I may not wear very long.
Just when my polish frustrations were at their peak, my sister introduced me to the fabulous brand, elf Cosmetics (elf stands for eyes, lips, face.)  On this site you can get a bottle of nail polish for just $1.00! They have more than enough color’s to choose from that are traditional and current. I’ve been wearing their nail polishes and I will never buy another brand again. My manicures (with proper base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat) have maintained near perfection, a necessity for someone like me, who pretty much always has a manicure. They also dry super fast so if you’re impatient this is an added bonus!
My current faves: Mod Mauve, Dark Navy, Plum, Blush and Golden Goddess.  The Golden Goddess looks great over all of these colors to mix trends and give any color a metallic sheen. It’s an unexpected touch and it certainly get’s noticed.
Now, since I am a grad student, it’s easy to get away with outlandish manicures, but I understand the need to keep it neutral during the workweek. As an aspiring classical singer, I know the need for a conservative wardrobe when necessary. With their inexpensive price and excellent quality, I’ve built up quite a repertoire of colors, giving me the ability to wear a neutral like Mod Mauve during the week and vamp it up on Saturday night with Plum.  Whatever your preference, for the price, you’ll want to give yourself a manicure everyday!
Made By: elf Cosmetics
Price: $1.00

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