Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Christmas Corner

I have wanted glittery, sparkly shoes forever.

There is no better time for gold sparkle pumps than CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  Spread joy and cheer everywhere as your glittery feet follow you from holiday party to holiday party!

The sad reality is that if you want a pair of classy gold glitter pumps, you're gonna have to pay the money (it's SLIGHTLY easier to get non-gaudy silver pumps at a lower price.)  But don't think that you can't wear your sparkle pump beyond the holidays!

That hard to match dress?  SPARKLE PUMP!

Need a shoe for a casual event and a black pair of slacks?  SPARKLE PUMP!

Having a bad day and you're still in your bathrobe?  SPARKLE PUMP!!!!!

Go ahead and splurge on something you won't regret.

Made By: Steve Madden

Found At: Nordstrom

Price: $129.95


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