Thursday, January 20, 2011

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Go Ahead, Have A Cowl

A lot (read: most) of the knit items on Etsy are ridiculously overpriced.  Yes, I know you worked hard to knit something, but that doesn't mean I have to pay $60.00 for it!  This constant price gouging for knit scarves made my discovery of Made By Scarlet even more wonderful.

No over-priced scarves here!  Just well-made, cute and stylish neckwear for the fashionista on a budget.  Of course I've featured the cream cowl neck here (can't get enough of this color!), but she has lots of different colors for you to choose from, all of them beautifully made.  Check her out!

Made By: Made By Scarlet.  Visit the Etsy store here.

Price: $22.00


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