Friday, January 21, 2011

HALF-OFF HOTTIE: Structured Satchels

Standing in line at Starbucks last week, getting my usual morning pick-me-up, I noticed one of the girls in front of me in line carrying this beauty:

It took a bit of google searching to figure out which brand it was and where it was sold, but I finally found it after only 24 hours of searching!

I found it, alright! It's a Fendi. For the small price of two thousand, six hundred and ninety dollars you can make it yours! (yep, that's $2,690.00. Plus tax.) Click here to see it.

I was so disappointed, but that didn't last very long. I started my search for the next best thing- in an affordable price range, of course.

Pretty similar, huh?

ALDO, Betak, $50.00



  1. i like the aldo better - lol

  2. I like the Aldo better too! (Didn't you post this Aldo bag before?)