Friday, January 21, 2011

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Nautically Speaking

This is my second "nautical" item being featured this I on a nautical kick?  We'll have to wait for next week to see if this keeps up!

I have never, ever seen nautical paired with dark brown, and I LIKE IT!  Great combo!  Gerat bag.  Makes it not seem so summery, so you can get other season mileage out of this particular tote.

Made By: Ruche

Price: $48.99



  1. Hi Jax! Thanks so much for sharing Ruche! I met Tess form 50dresses the other day and she said she knew you. =) Hi from California!

  2. Hey Mai, hi from New York! Yeah, I love Ruche! Pretty stuff, great prices, it's made for this blog :) Tess is our Vintage Vixen! She is such a fabulous dressmaker, Tess and Ruche is a match made in heaven!

    I hope to get out to LA soon, I'm officially sick of snow!!!