Monday, January 17, 2011

Vintage Vixen: Plaid skirts

Plaid skirts are perfect with wooly tights for a smart winter look. A bit Clueless, a bit schoolgirl, and very vintage, you can tailor your look to veer any number of sartorial directions. Tips: wear a slip or buy a skirt with a lining, because the wool will feel itchy and won't hang right without a silky under layer. Here are few options!

VINTAGE PLAID, A-Line, High Waist, WOOL SKIRT, Fully Linned, Sm-med

This is beautiful and classy. I love the bias cut plaid and the long length. Wear fun jewels and a sexy top to balance out the outfit.
Price: $24.00

High Waist. Pencil Skirt. Checkered. Pleats. S

Cute! Very wearable. Love the buttons here.
Price: $14.99

Vintage Girl's Wool Blend Plaid Short High School Skirt, Waist 23 inches

Tiny skirt- but such a beautiful grey color and a good size plaid check.
Price: $15.00

Vintage 50s Plaid Felt Fall Colors Circle Skirt S M

Okay this is not quite a "deal" per say, since I usually don't spend so much on a skirt, but this is so special and a true gem. Beautiful colors, and so cool how the plaid gets bigger at the edge. Very unique and gorgeous!
Price: $92.00

1930s 40s dress GORGEOUS CHIFFON full green plaid skirt

Okay I'm cheating on the theme here because this is actually a dress, and also in the "dream, not deal" range, but it's so pretty! In my next life as a Scottish princess, I'll don this!
Price: $125.00

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