Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Use Your Imagination

Some things at first sight, you just say "whaaaaaat?"  That's how I was with this dress.  Oversized t-shirt dress you say?  Sounds comfy...too comfy!  Too comfy = less stylish right?

Well...not necessarily..

If you just wear this dress as is and let it hang, you are missing an opportunity.  What needs to be done to make this baby cute? (I'm working with the ivory here.)

1) A belt.  STAT.  Cinch that waist, give yourself some definition!
2) Roll those sleeves up to your bicep.  Let your beautiful arms show!
3) Get a slip.  Don't want to show anything you don't mean to!
4) Choose an amazing pair of colored or patterned tights.  Think burgandy or navy.
5) Pair it with a vintage bowler hat.

Who said comfortable can't be stylish?  This dress proves that wrong.

Made By: American Apparel

Price: $45.00


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