Thursday, March 31, 2011

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Who Knew Leatherette Could Look So Good?

By Jax

This wedge is a great choice for the budget conscious fashionista.  That's leatherette, but you would never know!  And it's a beautiful neutral that will match everything in your closet!

Made By: Papaya Clothing

Price: $23.99


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  1. Please see pictures below. And yes I am positive saddle brown was not a leatherette option I surmise Op's car is a coupe so it can't be and it's a US spec's car how do I know it's a coupe the passenger door pull is not two toned and the slot where the an control would be point it toward being a coupe If it were a cert that Na slot would be roundish and smaller- to make room for the top controls and most if not all of the sedans I've seen with saddle brown the passenger door pull is two toned.
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