Friday, March 25, 2011

FASHION FAQ: Design An Outfit Around This Bag!

Yesterday, I posted an amazing bag from Payless (featured above.)  Payless Insider (follow them at @PaylessInsider on twitter) asked me to create the perfect spring outfit to match this bag.  My outfit is below!

The bag itself is definitely on the dressy side, so I wanted to feature items that you could pair with it for a more formal spring event.  There are SO many formal spring events (graduations, easter, weddings, etc.), so I tried to keep this outfit on the cheap!

First, I went with a black and white dress from Ruche ($49.99, BUY IT).  It's definitely the most expensive part of the outfit, but it really is the perfect dress for spring, and I can't say this enough, white and black are the colors that never go out of style!

For shoes, I obviously turned to Payless ($24.99, BUY IT.)  These are a MUST for spring.  A black patent leather heel will match almost anything, this should 100% be in your closet!  I also like that the heel isn't sky high (comfy days are always better.)

We obviously needed some color in the ensemble, so I decided to go with purple jewelry.  Cuff (Guess Macy's, $35.00, BUY IT), Earrings (Etsy, Made by Estylo Jewelry $20.00, BUY IT).  The big purple jeweled cuff is exactly the color pop you need when there is so much black and white at play, and purple is the perfect color for a pop if you're not used to being noticed.

Hope you love the outfit.  ENJOY SPRING!

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  1. I love the outfit. Thank you very much for featuring my Swarovski Rivoli Earrings!