Thursday, March 31, 2011

GUYS BUYS: The Original Base Layer

A cotton tank top is an underwear essential. This one is classic 100% cotton with a slimmer body conscious fit. Looks great, feels great.

Made by: DKNY

Found at: Fresh Pair

Price: $22.13 for a 3-pack (originally $29.50)



  1. Why these at $7.38 *each* over three for $10 at Old Navy (buy 2 packs at $6 each, less than 1/3 of the price of these), or the A-shirt multipacks from Costco, or any number of deal-ier alternatives? These are still expensive at the discounted price.

  2. But these aren't ribbed are they? I like this style better than the ribbed undershirt. I'd pay more for that and a better fit. But I'm a girl.

  3. I'm gonna go ahead and say I hate all white wife beaters for men (yeah, that's right, all you need to do is add a gold chain and all my bad memories of the south shore of Long Island come flooding back.)

  4. Non-ribbed doesn't necessarily cost more - the Old Navy ones happen to be, but that's not why they're cheaper (they're cheaper because it costs $5 extra per shirt to print "DKNY"). Also, if you look closely at this or the back-view pic on the buy page, I think these are ribbed.

    I agree it's worth it to pay more for better-fitting clothes. But the higher price on these doesn't assure that - these will fit you better if you're more athletically built, like the model, and will probably look terrible on you if you have a belly. Cheaper outlets are just as likely to have slim-fit options as expensive ones.

    Btw, if you look like the model you're probably going to look good in most things, at whatever price.

    Fit and ribbed/not-ribbed are pretty subjective qualities. Here's one thing that I think is important and (more) objective: these aren't tagless. I LOVE that my Old Navy undershirts (tshirt style, not wifebeaters) are tagless. You only need to be irritated and itched by a tag on one hot day before you make the switch and never wear tagged undershirts again.