Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Best Jeans On The Planet

Oh my fashionistas...I am about to share with you my best kept fashion secret.

The best jeans I own, my favorite jeans, the ones I wear every day....are the Levi's 524 Super Low. Even more shocking? They are....Juniors. I know, I can't believe it myself. I'm 27, and the last time I wore Junior's Jeans was when I was 17? I think its story time.

I went into this boutique in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn (I can't remember the name but I will find out next time I go shopping on Smith street) and I said I was in the market for new jeans. The store clerk handed me the Levis 524. When I saw odd-sized numbers, I IMMEDIATELY told her "oh sorry, I don't wear juniors." Then a look came over her face and she said "these are the best jeans I have ever owned. I'm wearing them right now. I promise, you will love them, too. They make everyone look amazing."

Sure enough...she was 100% right. I've never looked so good in a pair of jeans in my life, ever! They are amazing and comfortable and wonderful. I don't think they are "super low" either. They hit in a good place that's not too low! I just feel like a super model in these jeans; an invinceable super model fashionista!

Made By: Levis

Price: $32.00

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