Tuesday, May 4, 2010

GUYS BUYS: Bow Tie Style

The bow tie! Not just for your grandpa, or you super preppy friend, anymore!

I don't care if you wear it seriously, or ironically, or whatever. It's the perfect way to dress up an outfit quickly in the summer without going that full tie formal route. These bowties, although a tad bit more on the expensive side, are a great color, and a relatively normal pattern (bow ties can go to extremes.)

If you want to wear it ironically: find a short sleeved collared light blue shirt, maybe with some light grid lines on it, and pair it with the navy bow-tie, and a pair of jeans.

If you want to wear it seriously: bow tie and a blue blazer (or a seersucker suit).

What should you never do? Wear a bow tie AND a long-sleeved collared shirt. No no no! That is the fastest way to appear dorky! (I love dorks, but I know 90% of you don't go for that, so there is my warning!)

Made By: Jos. A Bank

Price: $49.50

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