Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Summer Style Spot: The Long Halter Dress

I struggle with when and where I should wear a long dress like this.

The easy answer is...anywhere? To a cafe! To a bar on a hot summer night! But then inevitably, I feel...weirdly dressy! Even though this is a cotton dress, and isn't dressy at all, the length makes me feel out of place.

Ladies, its a collective action problem. If we ALL start working long dresses into our summer wardrobe, no one will feel weird in them anymore! It will be a win for everyone!

Made By: Victoria's Secret

Price: $79.00 (originally $108.00)


  1. I have a ton of them in my summer wardrobe so I am with you 100%!!!

  2. Weirdly enough, I have that exact dress! Always gets a lot of compliments when I break it out. That having been said, I trip all over it and end up hiking it up because what kind of weather is warm enough for halter and cold enough for a long dress?

  3. Anonymous, that's a good point...and another reason I have hesitated to buy these kinds of dresses! Maybe if I knew I was going to an air-conditioned restaurant or bar? Or maybe an event on a cool summer night? Then you might want some extra fabric!