Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hey there fashionistas,

My name is Stacy, and I’ll be representing the sporty spice of this blog. I work and live (and run, bike, and swim) in the Pacific Coast playground that is San Francisco. While I’ve been known to get a little muddy and sweaty, I do it in style, and I want to share that sporty style with all you lovely readers.

My first post is for the biker chicks (think pedals, not roadside bar). Picking out cycling equipment can be a daunting task—spandex and shades, carbon fiber and clipless pedals, oh my!

Well, this week I stumbled across a cycling novelty: peep toe pumps…for cycling. That’s right, Pumps. On bikes! And not of the filling-your-tires variety! It’s a whole lot of awesome.
These Camper pumps are a gorgeous mustard hue that will make you look quirky and carefree as you pedal your way to your favorite park on a balmy summer Sunday. They’re of a durable knobby leather that will better hide marks than smooth leather, and the solid heel and wide base of the pump make for excellent pedal-to-shoe contact. They’re also made by Camper—which gives you instant Bay Area cred.

I found these lovelies on the website of a new cycling company brought to you by the same people who started Design Within Reach. The website,, is chock-full of quirky and gorgeous cycling accoutrement, a fair deal of which is both stylish and affordable (the bikes themselves are stylish, yes, but require a more serious financial investment). $5 matching mustard bungee straps for your bike rack? $12 brass or red brass bike bells? $40 blonde woven-wood bike basket? Yes, please!

Cycle in style and with a smile.

Made By:

Price: $170.00

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