Thursday, July 8, 2010

Whooooo, Whoooo, Whoooo's That's Lady appears that today is going to be a jewelry heavy day! I am not sure why, but almost everything I presently have found to put on the blog today is jewelry...I am going to do my best to mix it up, but no promises!

I've seen a gajillion owl rings. This one is by FAR the best. This owl has spunk! It's not your standard owl that seems to be on a billion different pieces of Forever 21 jewelry. You can't put this owl in a box! Errr....I guess you can put it in a box shape? And that's what makes it awesome!

If you're hesitant to wear this ring, think of it as a stylish conversation starter...everyone wants to talk to the chick in the owl bling ring!

Made By: Fred Flare

Price: $16.00

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