Thursday, August 26, 2010

COMFY COQUETTE: Finding "Cute" in the "Comfort Sandal" Category

I'm stocking up for my honeymoon in Portugal and Morocco, and am on the hunt for cute yet comfortable walking sandals. Let's face it - most shoes in the "comfort" category are super unattractive. I'm particularly picky about the thickness of the sole, which goes from nice to nursing home in just a few millimeters. I've been pleasantly surprised by some of my finds thus far - check them out!

Born Ruffle Flat

How cute would these look with shorts or sundresses? I love that they come in neutral colors, including a metallic. The thong cut gives these beauties a flirtier look, while the back strap makes sure they'll stay on tight while you're out and about.

Made By: B.O.C. by Born

Price: $39.94

Timberland Greenside Slide

I actually tried these on in the store today and they are really cute - trust me on this one. Think handmade, flat leather sandals, but with a real sole... perfect for wide leg linen pants! Make sure to buy half a size down - these sandals are cut a little big.

Made By: Timberland Earthkeepers(R)

Price: $56.00

Patagonia Bandha Strap Sandal

The last Patagonia item that I bought was a black fleece in 2002. Boy have I been missing out - who knew their summer footwear was so cute?! These Patagonia sandals are a dressier, comfort number with slim straps and a sexy ankle strap. I am loving the violet, but they make these in dark brown as well.

Made By: Patagonia

Price: $54.00

Papillio Salamenca Sandal

I really like Birkenstocks as a concept, but am not a big fan of how thick and clunky they look. The Salamenca sandal by Papillio is a nice compromise though. These sandals have the same comfort cork footbed as Birks, but with thin, feminine straps for a daintier look. Alas, they don't have my size... but you should jump on these if you're lucky!

Made By: Papillio

Price: $43.94

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