Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DEAR SPORTY SPECIAL: Lost in the Woods

Dear Sporty Special,

I spent last weekend camping/canoeing on the Delaware River and while the gear I was wearing was highly functional, it wasn't very cute. Can you help me look hotter when roughing it?


Lost in the Woods.

Dearest Lost in the Woods,

Highly functional and highly cute need not be mutually exclusive when it comes to navigating purple mountain majesties and amber waves of grain! A quick digital stopover at can outfit you in head-to-toe backcountry couture that will keep the elements at bay without having a similar effect on a certain special trekking companion ;). Explore with me the possibilities:

The Feet: Asolo Smarty Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

A lightweight, waterproof hiking boot that’s available in purple, yellow, or baby blue?? Yes please.

Made By: Asolo
Price: $109.95 (Retail: $160.00)

The Bottom Half: Columbia
Sportswear Wilderness Pants

These wilderness pants feature a climbing-friendly cut of extra-soft twill with water and stain-repelling treatment. There’s something about the twill and the built-in tape belt that bring to mind white sands and hammocks…once you’re done with the mountains and mud, these pants would happily escort you to a relaxing beachy retreat.

Made By: Columbia Sportswear
Price: $29.96 (Retail: $65.00)

The Top Half: ExOfficio Savvy Shirt – Roll-Up Long Sleeve

In line with the Wilderness Pants, this blouse features beach-style lightweight crepe-textured fabric, with convertible button-up sleeves, a generous mid-section cut, and a v-neck hoodie.

Made By: ExOfficio
Price: $39.95 (Retail: $65.00)

The Outer Layer: Marmot Kirkwood Gore-Tex Shell Jacket

Outside of the summer months, a waterproof, breathable lightweight shell is essential in case of showers or snow. This Marmot shell comes in an array of fun colors (I like the Celestial Blue) with a visored hood to keep your sunglasses spot-free.

Made By: Marmot
Price: $195.00 (Retail: $300.00)

The Noggin: Pistil Sawyer Cap

What I love about this hat is, sure, it’s an outdoorsy hat that will keep the sun off your face and your hair in one place, but it’s also a hat I would wear pretty much any day of the week (en route to work, running errands, sightseeing, etc). That’s a lot of go for your dough.

Made By: Pistil
Price: $16.95 (Retail: $30.00)

You may be Lost in the Woods, but your fashion-sense has kept to its compass (and you saved $228.19 to put towards this amazing "sexy hotness sleeping bag" by Alite)!

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