Friday, August 6, 2010

HALF-OFF HOTTIE: Trench Trends

Autumn is quickly approaching, which is my favorite season! It's not too cold, not too hot, I can wave goodbye to humidity (which allows for my hair to stay where I tell it to) and I can wear my favorite two things... long jeans and chic pumps! Add on fabulous fall accessories (gorgeous scarves, anyone?) and we have the perfect collaboration between weather and style.

A must-have for this fall are trench coats. There are so many out there, that it can be a bit overwhelming. However, not all trench coats are the same! There are various styles and shapes within this category. I prefer knee-length or slightly above the knee, and well tailored. Tailored coats can be very flattering, and while they are simple, they can look SO chic.

Case in point:

Burberry Cotton Satin Trench Coat, $1,995.00

Of course, draining our bank accounts for this beauty would leave most of us out in the cold, so I found a few reasonably priced alternatives that are chic, but also affordable.

Banana Republic, $198.00

I bought mine at Zara this past week while visiting Manhattan, so if you're close to a Zara store, here's a picture of mine:

Zara, $129.00 Available in stores only

Happy Trench Shopping!

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