Monday, August 30, 2010


I don't know why the end of August always has me thinking about boots! It is way to hot to wear them for at least another month or month and a half in LA! Nevertheless, I have been trolling the vintage sections of Etsy and Ebay for riding boots to get me through the fall. Below, a few of my favorites. (It's near impossible to find good leather boots for under $50 new, so vintage is a good way to go.)

Vintage Knee High Leather BOOTS, sz 7 $20!

I like this cut- it is a little softer at the top than a traditional riding book. These are simple and classy- would last more than one seaso

Vintage Black Leather Riding Boots Size 6.5 $30

These are very traditional and classic looking- very equestrian. Also they look in perfect condition!

Vintage 80s Black Flat Riding Boots size 8.5 9 NARROW $35.00

Black and brown is cool together. Als
I like the way this leather is crinkled and shiny. If the shoe fits, these are a winner.

Size 8 Vintage Marc Alpert Two Tone Wing Tip Zig Zag Riding Boots $50.00

Ok they are a little out there! The Fashion Deal Diva would say, "Awesome or Ugly?" I say awesome! They are very unique and tie in an animal print to an otherwise bright winter boot. Love them!

Size 7M Brown Women Vintage Mister Shoes Trinita Flat Riding Boot Made In Brazil $50.00

Brazilian leather shoes and boots are always great. This color is gorgeous and the seam on the side is very posh looking. These are beautifu

80's Pewter Leather Riding Boots size 8.5 $38.00

Gosh, these are a little Tin Man, aren't they? Still, something speaks to me about them. Some stylish girl could pull these off and we'll all be secretly jealous :)

Size 6M Dark Blue Vintage Women Westbound Cuff Down Campus Riding Boot $50.00

Navy leather! So rare and so beautiful! I love love love these boots and any dark navy leather! Talk about subtle. I want these boots but my feet are too big :(

Size 7 / 7.5 Vtg Beige Leather Riding Boots. tall. nude. nuetral. cuffed. short heel. fall. $38.00

Beige/nude leather is instant chic with an all black outfit. Hard to keep clean, yes, but worth it. These are sexy but still practical.


Best for last! I love these! Click through the link below to see all the photos. They have these cool ties in the back. The ankle suede bit looks so comfortable. Like they took out the part that hurts on new boots. And they are already broken in anyway! But they look so cool! I love this look.

Can't say I'm looking forward to the end of summer.... But new boots will help me smile about the onset of cooler nights!

Till next time,
xoxo Vintage Vixen

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