Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LBD For Me Me Me!

If there is one thing in the fashion world you can't have too many of (other than shoes), it's little black dresses!

They will always make you feel sexy and chic, and they are surprisingly versatile. A lot of my favorite LBD's work in the office with a blazer and a scarf. (Remove the blazer, rip off the scarf, and you have one sultry ensemble underneath!)

When the Frugal Fiancée pointed me in the direction of quail shop, I immediately fell in love with their style aesthetic and design. This black dress is effortless, and yet it has the details to be a big hitter (check out that back!) Expect to see more from Quail Shop on this blog in the future!

Made By: Quail Shop

Price: $50.00 (originally $250.00)

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