Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SPORTY SPECIAL: Winter Preparedness

Happy September, Fashionistas!

While you are holding on to those precious remnants of summer, September is the transition month before the candy corn flows into stuffed turkeys, bringing on yuletide carols. Okay, okay, you're thinking Ms. Sporty is getting ahead of herself. BUT, as all diligent holiday shoppers know, if you're not ahead, you'll find yourself behind...a line of 400 other holiday season procrastinators willing to shell out top-dollar for the latest and greatest toys. So I say to you, dear fashionistas, get thee to a ski and snowboard shop, and stat! If you act before every other ski bunny and their frost-loving followers can say "Starbucks holiday cup," you can score a 2010 board or pair of skis at a ridiculously low, decidedly non-holiday-season price.

Take, for instance, Sierra/Burton's mid season release of the Sierra V Spot: a soft and flexible board perfect for novices as well as those looking to put a few tricks in their bags this season. The product description says it best: "The first women's specific snowboard in the Sierra lineup is hotter than finding a pair of Manolo Blahnik Heels in your size on a clearance rack."

The Sierra V Spot can be yours for $250 (50% off retail price). Try finding a pair of Manolos at that price...

Made By: Sierra Snowboard

Price: $249.98 (originally $499.99)

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