Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Designer Alert - Leifsdottir

I love to style winter patterned dresses with black opaque tights and a black boyfriend blazer.  You tone down the pattern as a whole with the blazer, and the opaque tights give it a true winter feel.

But this dress can go farther, into spring and beyond.  Then you can peel off that blazer to reveal the cutest ruffle sleeves you ever did see!

It's also a silk/cotton blend, so it won't get crazy wrinkled the minute you put it on!

Made By: Leifsdottir

Found At: Bergdorf Goodman

Price: $139.00 (originally $278.00)



  1. i totally agree with your fashion sense. good job!

  2. Very cute. There is a Leifsdottir sample sale going on today!