Friday, January 7, 2011

HALF OFF HOTTIE: Fit for less!

Celebrities (in general, and excluding the obvious train wrecks) are known for looking their best and buying the best. It doesn't matter where they go, and the gym is no exception. I'm a huge proponent of investing in a high quality gym wardrobe, but not for the reasons you may think. Yes, it's most cost effective to buy better quality, even if more expensive, because things last longer and don't fall apart. We all know that. However, my favorite reason for having quality gym-wear is because if you FEEL good, you'll work out more.

Maybe I'm just incredibly vain, but who doesn't want to look their best everywhere? You wouldn't wear PJ's to the mall, right? Same with those workout rags that we try to call gym clothes. Maybe they were cute the first time we wore them, but after three times the fabric stretched, the color faded and they now belong in your PJ or cleaning supply drawer. (old gym tees make great dusting cloths- just a tip!)

Enter Lululemon. A Canadian company that also sells the best pants for your butt. Maybe not for you buck, as they cost as much as a pair of nice jeans, but they are definitely worth the investment.

Lululemon Power Y Tank, $52.00 (Katie Holmes has been seen in this one!)

Lululemon, Reverse Groove Pant, $86.00 (worn by Minka Kelly, photo above)
for lululemon pricing and more information, click HERE.

For those that don't want to splurge on gym wear, all is not lost. Lucy, another athletic gear company is also popular among celebrities, but their prices tend to be more affordable, and they usually hold sales and specials.

Lucy Power Cardio Pant, regularly $78.00, ON SALE for $19.98!

Lucy Criss Cross Tank, originally $54.00, ON SALE for $16.98

Also, visit the Lucy Sale Page for more incredibly deals!

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