Friday, March 4, 2011

COSMETICS CUTIE: Eyeshadow For That Twinkle In Your Eye

By Jen

Eyeshadow is a fun and versatile way to easily change up your look.  When I venture out of my makeup comfort zone, I go for a duo eyeshadow because the complementary colors are laid out with little to no guesswork, making a cosmetic change of pace all the more manageable!
I especially love the Sephora Collection Colorful Duo Eyeshadow. It comes in ten shimmery shades (my personal fave is "Gorgeous Pink") and it’s easy to blend if you want to work any of these colors into your smokey routine. Whether you go bold or are looking for just a hint of sparkle, give this duo a try and you’ll be sure to spark a twinkle in your eye.
Made by: Sephora Collection
Found at: Sephora
Price: $16

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  1. Cosmetic use for looking very beautiful.Thanks for sharing.