Monday, March 7, 2011


Dear Fashion Deal Diva,

 I need your help! I just got this skirt from Ruche, and I am stumped on how to style it...any tips???

-Skirt Purchaser

Dear Skirt Purchaser,

Congratulations...this is the most difficult Fashion FAQ I've ever done!  It's REALLY hard to pair this skirt with the right top!  I think it's because there is so much going on in the skirt and it's hard to find a top that is the right shape for this sort of bottom.

My first recommendation is actually to tailor the skirt.  All too often, skirts of this length can look a little dowdy.  If it looks that way on you, don't be afraid to tailor it!  It's still the same beautiful skirt, just shorter!

I came up with a few shirt options, all of which are below.

If you go with this top, you're just sticking to neutral, light, springy feel of the skirt.  I would recommend tucking it (unless you want to go for an ultra-hippie look), and maybe pairing it with a light brown belt.

Made By: Forever 21
Price: $24.80

If you're a fan of the flashy, then this sequin tank (paired with an already busy skirt) might be right up your alley.  Even though the skirt is a neutral tone, by pairing it with a sequin tank, you create a night look.

Made By: J.Crew
Price: $69.99 (originally $140.00)

I like the idea of a plain white tank with the skirt and then an open-face cardigan on top.  The pink adds a nice color match to the ensemble.

Made By: Banana Republic
Price: $79.99

As for shoes, below are my recs:

First, I couldn't seem to capture the nude version of this sandal, so let me start off by saying I do NOT advise buying the black, but rather the beautiful light beige.  My immediate thought when I saw the skirt was to go for a chunky sandal, and this one fits my vision almost perfectly.

Made By: Urban Outfitters
Price: $69.00

With a flowy, lacey skirt like this, you can't go wrong with glitter flops.  Just make sure they work in the color scheme of the skirt! (i.e. white, pink, beige, brown, etc.)

Made By: Gap
Price: $8.95

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