Friday, June 11, 2010

FRUGAL FIANCÉE: It's your party and you can wear white if you want to.

You have your wedding gown in all its glory hanging up in a closet ready for its big day, but what are you goign to wear for the rehearsal dinner? You and your mate will still be the center of attention so you better be ready for lots of pictures at the rehearsal dinner as well.

Since its the bride's prerogative to wear white all wedding weekend if she so chooses, why not wear a white dress that's a little funkier or shorter? It still says "I'm the bride" but you can have more fun with it.

The dress above ain't cheap, I know, but its Diane Von Furstenberg at nearly half off!

MAde By: Diane von Furstenberg
Price: $255 (originally $425)


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