Monday, August 2, 2010

VINTAGE VIXEN: The Little Black Dress: Vintage Edition

Today we'll point our vintage lens toward the little black dress: a wardrobe essential through the ages. Everyone seems to know that it is important to have a great black dress (or two) ready to slip into when you're not feeling sartorially adventurous, or you can't decide what to wear, or you want to wear punchy accessories, or you want to channel Audrey Hepburn, or you just want to look classy. Whew... I understand.

My top three reasons you should own a vintage LBD:
1. A classic vintage LBD will wear for years and always look chic and deliberate.
2. The tailoring and fit of a black dress shines front and center in lieu of a bold color or print to distract the eye, and vintage dresses often have great shape-making darts, pleats, and details.
3. Vintage LBDs can be irresistible if they are made of luxurious fabric (like silk, wool, velvet or lace), and you can snag them at a fraction of the price a new dress of the same quality fabric would cost.

Without further ado, my three finds for today:

The Little Black Wiggle Dress $12.00
Label: Liz Claiborne Petites
Size: 6 (but fits small)
Materials: 100% Silk

This dress is so cute. It looks fresh and flattering. It is 100% silk and $12.00!!! I love the textured print on the silk, and I love the bodice. The option of straps or strapless is nice. It looks great with a belt, and I can imagine so many outfits based around this dress. Cardigans, tights, heels, jewelry, etc. This could easily stay simple and plain or take on a whole different look based on your styling. LOVE IT!

Vintage 50's Black And Gold Mini Shift Dress-Small- $35.00

This dress screams MAD MEN. I love the revival of the 1950's and 1960's fashion in recent years. The neckline and silhouette here are very vintage, but the gold metallic skirt fabric is appropriate for this fall. If you fit the measurements in the description, this dress may be right up your alley. Don't wait for a Mad Men theme party, but rather try this look out at dinner with platform shoes and contemporary jewelry. Make it your own look in our era!

Black Lace 1950's Cocktail Dress-Size 6- $34.95

Wowza, this is a beautiful dress. The off-center pleated drape is a perfect detail. The lace top and cap sleeves are dainty and sexy. This dress seems contemporary in the cut and style, but very vintage in the fabric. It is an Ebay find, so the auction ends on Tuesday... check it out now! Starting bid is $34.95. It is a great deal for such a lovely find in excellent condition.

Till next time, be chic!

xo Vintage Vixen

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