Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I continue to get excited about fall and winter! (I know it is still hot outside :) Next week I'll feature a warm weather vintage find)

I really appreciate the resurgence of "heritage brands" and heritage traditional pieces in fall fashion. Boat shoes, duck boots, wool sweaters, and TOGGLE COATS! The toggle coat has risen above its preppy beginnings and established itself as a fashion staple. As a result, a good one is hard to find! The toggle coat is classy and classic- a perfect solution for vintage and new styling. When you find a good one, snap it up! Then wear it for years...

A few of my favorites:

BONNIE CASHIN Vintage Camel Wool Coat Lined in Plaid Sz 12 Coach. Price:$69.00.

Gorgeous! I love the color. This is a great coat! Excellent condition and a good price.

Vintage RiPE PUMPKiN wooden toggle coat. Price: $39.00.

Orange is so fun. Stand out in a fall crowd. The cropped style and patch pockets give it a more nautical vibe. I love it!

Tan/Camel Brown Toggle Coat. Price: $187.00

Although this coat is a bit more expensive than most items I feature, it is beautiful! Click through to look at more photos and details. New coats of this quality would cost more than this, so it is still a bargain if you love the design. I do!

Vintage 80's duffle coat toggles RED wool plaid jacket M/L. Price: $52.00

Toggle coats can succeed in a variety of fabrics and styles. I like the hood and the plaid here. The length will keep you warm. I swear I've seen coats very similar to this in stores this year!

Good luck hunting!
xoxo Vintage Vixen

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  1. Toggle coats look so much better than sweaters in my opinion!