Thursday, November 11, 2010

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Shopping Spotlight - San Francisco!

I was out west almost all of last week (San Diego, then LA, then San Francisco!) When my boyfriend left from San Francisco for the next stop on his tour, I was left in San Francisco feeling sad and alone. So I did what I always do to perk me up....SHOPPING!!!!

I parked my rental car near Laguna and Greenwich (I think I was in a neighborhood called Cow Hollow?) and hit the pavement to find some cute boutiques and killer deals. I stopped in to get coffee at a small shop on the corner of Union and Laguna, but now I can't remember the name (yes, fail on my part, great coffee!) After wandering down Union a bit, I ran into a lovely little shop called Marmalade:

Photo Above: Marmalade

Photo Above: Marmalade

One of the things I love about Marmalade is that the shop looks like the bedroom 16 year old Jax always wanted. Cool and very pretty, but funky in a rebellious kind of way. The nostalgia added to an already pleasant shopping experience.

They had a lot of great, affordable basics, in a good variety of sizes and colors. It was definitely an eclectic mix, and the price points run about $30 to $60 on most items.

I settled on this studded shirt. The color is stunning! I don't have any item of clothing in this color, so it was a must for my collection. Price: $42.00

After Marmalade, I kept on wandering, and I saw a sign on Union pointing towards a shop that was up the hill to the left. I am so happy I followed that sign, and found Conifer!

Photo Above: Conifer

Photo Above: Conifer

Conifer reminds me of all my favorite shops in Brooklyn. I then talked to the owner, only to find out she was a Brooklyn transplant! (Yeah Brooklyn aesthetic!) Conifer is definitely pricier than Marmalade, but its chocked full of my favorite brands (Steven Alan, Lauren Merkin, Built By Wendy, etc.) I managed to find some great deals!

I was in dire need of a new white t-shirt. This one was originally $62.00, down to $39.00, and then another 30% off!

I fell in love with this Lauren Merkin bag. The braided strap and the funky embossing make this a good choice for both work and play. Plus, it fits a ton of stuff, which is always good for me (I am such a packrat.) Initially $525.00, it was on sale for the phenomenal price of $262.00! Talk about a designer alert!

And so came an end to my San Francisco shopping trip. I will note that after my shopping extravaganza, Sporty Special joined me for Sangria and crepes, making this one of the best days ever!

2059 Union Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 673-9544

2484 Webster Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 922-1892

- Fashion Deal Diva


  1. deal today features Marmalade. $25 for $50 in merchandise.

  2. Oh man that's awesome timing! Thanks for the tip Kiristen!