Friday, November 19, 2010

FASHION DEAL DIVA: 2010: A Levi's Odyssey

Having misplaced by favorite 524 Levi's (I think they are somewhere at my parents house?), I needed a new pair of go-to jeans. On the recommendation of the Comfy Coquette, I decided to try the "new" levis.

For those of you unfamiliar with the recent Levis change, they have pretty much scrapped the style numbers for women (i.e. 524, etc.), and have opted to go for a model where there are three different types: slight curve, demi curve and bold curve. They use this crazy measuring tape to measure doesn't involve numbers, so no worries there!

Walking into Levis that day, I knew that my 34 inch hips would undoubtedly register as a "bold curve," but I got measured anyway!

This is the tool they use to measure you. It takes three measurements: your hips, your waist, and that area in the middle of those two (how thorough!) The ratio of those sizes on this tool lets you know which "curve" category you fall into.

Even though they measure you, I cannot stress this enough. EVERY single pair is different. I have never, ever been a size 25 in a pair of jeans in my life, and yet that's what I am in the demi curve. But I'm a 26 in the bold. And there were some bolds I would have been a 27. And there were some demis I would have been a 26. You NEED to go into the store and try this stuff on! I must have tried on 25 pairs of jeans, no exaggeration!

When all was said and done, I found two amazing pairs of jeans! One bold curve for every day wear, and a demi curve for dressier occasions. What I like about the bold is that there is no waist really does hug my curves! You might not like that feeling, but I think it's something you'll get used to (yes, it feels weird to have jeans that ACTUALLY fit!)



Made By: Levis

Demi Curve: $69.50 (I can't find the exact pair I bought but here is the link to the skinny page) BUY IT

Bold Curve: $69.50 BUY IT

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