Friday, November 19, 2010


Last week I caved and bought a new iPad. I have never thought of myself as a huge tech-y person, but after the first time I held an iPhone in my hands things changed and well, it all went downhill from there. (by downhill I mean iPhone --> MacBook Pro --> iPad. I seriously hope they don't come out with something else, for my bank account's sake.)

Half of the fun of having a new tech gadget is figuring out how to use it. The other half of the fun is DRESSING IT.

Yep, you read that right. I dress my gadgets. (but at least I'm not one of those weird people that names them. That's weird.)

Long gone are the days when phone holders and computer cases were for storing purposes. The greatest designers have started making stylish, chic cases for your favorite phone or computer!

Take for example his red (and fabulous) Oscar de la Renta iPad Clutch. It's functional and so stylish, that you'll probably never want to remove your iPad from it.

Oscar de la Renta iPad Clutch,, $290.00

Some of us would like to purchase a case that doesn't cost almost as much as the actual iPad, (seriously, it's almost that much), so I began the hunt for the fabulous & affordable iPad case. My favorite? Red of course.

But WAIT! There's more! It has POCKETS!

So... not only gorgeous and affordable, but also incredibly functional! Perfect for the office or school. (did I mention it also holds your iPhone? It's like an Apple happy place!)

The Clutch, Happy Owl Studio, $79.99


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  1. Wow, that case is so gorgeous it makes me actually want to buy an iPad *just* so I can carry it around in that case. I love it. Why oh why can't they have one for the Kindle? I would be on that like white on rice.