Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Thanksgiving looms near, dear fashionistas; if you’re anything like me, this means it’s time to make those winter escape dreams a booked reality. I’m eyeing a week in Costa Rica personally, but wherever in the southern hemisphere your fashionably fabulous self is planning to relive the summer for another week or two, you best be prepared.

No one looks good in rental dive gear. I repeat: NO ONE looks good in rental dive gear. Your last name might be Klum or Crawford, but you still look like a silicone-faced platypus in the one-size-fits-none snorkeling mask that nice cabana boy hands you. But you don’t have to; not if you byos&m (snorkel and mask).

Here’s a snorkel and mask combo from Body Glove designed for a woman, in a flattering color, with a flattering (well, as flattering as a silicone platypus snorkel mask can get) two-window design. It’s a dry snorkel, meaning waves of water washing over you won’t flow down the snorkel and asphyxiate you (because asphyxiation is never attractive). Better yet: if you have a bestie heading somewhere tropic this winter to get her groove back, this might make a perfect bon voyage holiday gift. Perhaps she’ll even bring you back that cabana boy to return your act of kindness :).

Made By: Body Glove

Found On:

Price: $44.95 (originally $54.95)


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