Monday, November 29, 2010

Vintage Vixen: Bow-back Gold Holiday Dresses

Happy Cyber Monday Fashionistas!

Holiday Dress season is upon us! I love dresses, and especially holiday dresses. Gold dresses have a special sparkle, and are always the color I pick up first. The two designs below are different but amazing shapes from the 1950s. And both have bows on the backs. In decades past, bows were a staple on many dresses. They are such a great design element, I think. I love the big bow on the long slim gown, but the small row of 3 bows on the back of the prom dress is great too!

I'll feature more beautiful vintage holiday dresses throughout the month, but get started looking for a fantastic one now!

Happy Shopping,
xoxo Vintage Vixen

1950 starlet bow back gown SUPREME .medium.large

Price: $79.00

Free Shipping and 15% coupon - Vintage 1950s Pre Teen Juniors Holiday Evening Dress - Prom Dress Winter Ball Dress size 0 -2 X SMALL

Price: $65

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