Wednesday, August 4, 2010


In the joys of internet procrastination, I noticed the annual tryouts for the Bay Area Derby Girls were held last week. Being a fan of aggressive (okay, downright violent) sports, and having a been a roller hockey instructor myself back in the day, and having recently seen the movie “Whip It” with the amazing Ellen Page, this bit of news got my wheels spinning (intentional pun) about potentially trying out next season. Well, in order to do that, I’ll need to have the proper goods, right?

The website for the San Francisco roller derby team (the “ShEvil Dead”) refers potential budding derby girls to the Cruz Skate Shop, where rookies and veterans alike can get their speed skates and protective gear on. There’s even an option to build your own skates, should you fancy the hot pink wheels and top o’ the line boots for shredding and clocking. Cruz Skate Shop also offers a very reasonably priced rookie package, including everything a bruiser needs to get in the rink and dominate. For $179.99, the rookie set includes either GT-50 or Reidell R3 old-school speed skates, a Pro tec Classic helmet, Pro tec street knee pads, Pro tec street elbow pads, Pro tec wrist guards, a moldable mouth guard and a mini skate tool. For $30 more, you’ll get a sturdy Riedell Backpack to lug around all your new bad-a$$ery gear in.

You'll have everything you need to be a derby darlin'!

Made By: Cruz Skate Shop

Price: $179.99

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