Friday, October 29, 2010


It's Friday, October 29th. You've left choosing a Halloween costume until now. What is a girl to do if they have to find a costume in 24 hours? I have the answer: you can be Snooki from the Jersey shore!

Everything you need is below. A short, tight animal print dress. A pair of very high-heeled black studded stilettos. And enough spray-on tan to give you that signature Snooki glow.

Don't forget hairspray and bobby pins to make the immediately recognizable Snooki poof!

Made By: Bakers

Price: $39.99

Made By: Wet Seal

Price: $24.50

Made By: L'Oreal

Price: $8.97

1 comment:

  1. Again, LOVE THIS! I, too, created my own Snooki costume for tomorrow... I bought the "official" bump-it wig, but found a terrifically tacky shiny leopard-print dress from Forever21 and bought some spray tan and fake eyelashes. This is a super-easy and great costume for Halloween :)