Thursday, October 28, 2010

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Designer Alert - AG Adriano Goldschmid

I have a secret. I've been wearing the same pair of black pants almost every day. They are beyond comfortable. They feel amazing. And they make me look like the sexiest bitch this side of the Hudson.

These are those magical pants.

I bought them initially at Saks, but sadly, Saks doesn't have them available online, so you can buy the same magical pants at Revolve Clothing. They are jeggings, but they fit like real jeans. They have nice pockets on the butt, and they have a sateen feel that was what initially set them apart from the other jeggings.

They are worth every penny, and it says a lot that I have already asked my mother to buy me a second pair for Christmas (I myself cannot justify buying two pairs of the same pair of pants, but it doesn't mean she can't get them for me as a gift!)

Made By: AG Adriano Goldschmid

Found At: Revolve Clothing (online), or Saks (in store)

Price: $139.00

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