Monday, October 18, 2010

FASHION DEAL DIVA: Designer Alert - Rachel Roy

There are a bunch of reasons why this amazing top is on sale:

1. The color. Not everyone looks amazing in such a vibrant color pop, especially of this interesting shade of green (teal?)
2. The cut. Not everyone looks good in something with less structure.
3. The price. It's still a bit high for what it is.

That being said, if you look good in this cut and color, buying this silk/viscose mix top is an investment into a piece that won't go out of style ever (it's a colorful basic, those just don't go out of style.) If you are a person, like me, who has to wear a lot of suits, I especially recommend this top, because you need something to bring life to your ensembles!

Made By: Rachel Roy

Found On:

Price: $238.50 (originally $795.00)

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