Friday, October 15, 2010

HALF OFF HOTTIE: Ride into fall with fabulous BOOTS!

I love horses and I love boots, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I adore the Riding Boot trend. I find equestrianism to be quite a chic sport, which must be why this style of boot belonging to this particular sport can now be seen on every street, every shoe store window, and on so many people, some of which probably don't even know why it's called a Riding boot.

But I digress.

As stylish as Riding Boots can look from outside in, I must admit that upon first trying them on, they posed a problem to my sight. I didn't think they looked feminine enough to me. They look a bit...hard. Edgy, even. (Like a riding boot is supposed to look, maybe?)

However, once I figured out what they pair them with, my problem had a solution. So I came up with a few rules for myself, when wearing my riding boots:

1) Complement your riding boots with something tailored (jean or regular leggings, for example) because a flimsy pair of jeans tucked into your riding boot might make you look like you belong on a horse farm.

2) Skirts & Tights go GREAT with riding boots because they add girlishness and playfulness, two things that complement the bolder, harder look of this boot.

3) Accessorize to add femininity to your look. Ruffles & Flowery details on sweaters help with this too.

Now, with as many different options out there as there are, you might be wondering where to find a good, solid pair. Perhaps one that resembles the Michael Kors pair that Blake Lively wore here:

MICHAEL Michael Kors Greenwich Riding Boot, $350.00


For those of us that would like to abstain from trading in our cars for horses to afford this boot, an attractive and affordable alternative:

, Black Poppy High Buckle Back Boot, $39.50 (plus free shipping AND returns!)


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