Friday, October 22, 2010

HALF OFF HOTTIE: Not quite Hermès, but close enough!

It was a sad day when I was informed that Hermès would not accept my soul as form of payment. (My soul is worth less than the hefty $5,300 to $50,000 price tag for a Birkin? Apparently so.)

But the sadness didn’t last long. Even though I’m not a fan of fakes because, well, it’s just not cool to steal (or lie for that matter), I am a fan of the designer-inspired. If you can’t afford the real thing, but you really like the style of it, maybe you can find a more affordable alternative that resembles it, but doesn’t try to be it, right? Right.

Although I have to say, there is something about nonchalantly carrying a Hermès bag on your arm that screams awesome. And classy rich.

But for the rest of us...

Don't despair! I found the PERFECT alternative. It's gorgeous, and so close to the above, that I literally saw it through the store window, ran in, grabbed it, held it in my arms for a few moments, and immediately walked towards the cash register to ask if they had more in the back.
And they did. IN TWO COLORS! Clearly, I died for a moment.

Did I mention it was $45.00? Forty five dollars!!!!!

Aldo handbag, $45.00, for stores
(Available also in Orange.)


  1. Amazing! Which NYC Aldo did you find this particular handbag?

    If folks like it and don't have an Aldo near them, there's a very similar one online that comes in orange and pink:

    And: small request! As it is Autumn, can you keep your eyes out for all things fabulous and orange?

    Thanks for all the great tips!

  2. Hi Julie!

    Thanks for your comment. I found this handbag in Pittsburgh. I did see the other colors, and the orange one was stunning (however, slightly less versatile because of the color, which is why I went with this one).

    Thanks for your input, I'll definitely keep my eyes open for all things orange!

    ~half off hottie