Monday, October 18, 2010


Most men don't own a pair of gray shoes. They're not exactly serviceable. However, if you can successfully pull them off, they are a very stylish element for any gent.

I know you are thinking: "how do I wear these?" Well, they are too casual to wear with anything fancy (no suits, no blazers, etc.), so let's expel that thought right now. I would recommend them for a pair of black jeans, or maybe a pair of black chinos that you are wearing for a more casual weekend or evening. The biggest rule is that these cannot be paired with gray pants or brown pants. You must stick to black! Although ideally, if you had some pair of black and gray plaid pants, these shoes would probably be the ideal footwear, but I know 99% of you don't own those.

Made By: Aldo

Price: $84.98 (originally $125.00)

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